In his library show, How a Book Changed my Life, John tells how at age twelve he learned to juggle from a book, thus changing his life forever. Today he's the only performer to use a plate spinning routine to explain the Dewey Decimal System. He reveals how every non-fiction book has a "secret number" on the side and how, with this knowledge, you can find a book that could get you an early start on an exciting career just like John.

Length of Program: 30-45 minutes

Overview: In this program you'll see John:
Explain the Dewey Decimal System using his amazing plate spinning routine.
Recount his story of how he became a professional juggler all because of a book.
• Perform his complete Comedy Juggling show.

How a Book Changed My Life! John learned to juggle at age twelve. By age fourteen he was performing for money. By age twenty he was paying his own way through college. Since then he's performed around the world and appeared on TV countless times.

This is the Book! It's called "The Juggling Book" and it was published in 1974. You'll get to see it for yourself too, because John brings it to every library show. He wants everyone to see how it all started. John is sure that the success he's enjoyed in his career is partly due to the head start he got by reading this book at such an early age.

Could a Book Change Your Life? He then asks young patrons what they want to be when they grow up. He tells them that no matter what they want to be there will be a book on it at the library!

The "Secret Number" He then shows them the "secret number" on the side of each and every non-fiction book. He tells them how, for instance, if they want to be a doctor when they grow up, how all the books on doctors will be under the same "secret number". Once they know that number they will always be able to find books on doctors. And, just maybe. they can get an early start on an exciting career like John. Do you know what book you would find at 567.92?

The Only Performer to Use a Plate Spinning Routine to Explain the Dewey Decimal System! John numbers each pole. But instead of 1,2,3, he uses 100s, 200s, 300s, etc... And everytime he spins a plate, John will have to recite at least three subjects that fall underneath the heading assigned to that pole. A breathless, suspenseful finale! Will he make it?

The Most Exciting Finale You'll Ever See!

Not Just Educational: John also performs the comedy juggling routines that have taken him around the world. He'll delight everyone with the six foot unicycle, the three box dollar bill challenge, and lots of other funny routines and amazing tricks.