Are you looking for a comedy waiter act with a spectacular plate spinning finish? Then be sure to check out the Funny Waiter Show. This plate spinner is not a rude waiter. Instead he gets his laughs - as much as any stand up comic or comedian - with original comedy routines involving food, drink, music, and more. Also, don't forget to ask about the HOAX WAITER LEAD-IN OPTION during dinner. Based in Toronto and Michigan - Travels Anywhere.

Eat... See marshmallows become airborne appetizers! John pairs off with a volunteer. Ten steps are paced off. They turn, and each throws a marshmallow to their opponent. Who will catch one in their mouth first? Can you stand the suspense? A never fail routine!

Drink... But please don't spill. That big yellow wet floor sign is unsightly but necessary. The epic water drinking duel is always a crowd favorite! Who's feeling parched? Nothing quenches a thirst like a bottle of cool clear water. Imported, of course. Savor every last drop.

...& Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! The Funny Waiter is very proud to present a classic routine some thought was lost to the ages. Plate Spinning! Nine at once! One of the most exciting finales ever has been given a comedy makeover with non-stop laughs. Please note: Due to the intense concentration needed for this extravaganza The Funny Waiter will insist that all cell phones be turned off. Did he remember his own?